Back in 2017, Kingsford Development acquired the former Normanton Park condominium via an en-bloc sale for a whopping $830.1 million.

Okay, I’m going to be very honest and upfront here.

Initially, I didn’t like any of the previous projects by Kingsford Development, a Chinese property developer.

I was concerned about their previous projects Kingsford Waterbay & Kingsford Hillview Peak.

Just by visiting their appalling show apartments, I had doubts about their ability to deliver quality homes to their prospective buyers.

These projects were, to be fair, good value for money due to their location. They were not great value because of their poor built quality.

True enough, Kingsford Development was hit with a no sale license for the Normanton Park condo in 2019.

It was because some of the Kingsford Waterbay condos didn’t conform to the building requirements. These requirements were based upon the Building Control Act and Regulations as set by authorities.

Kingsford Development is able to proceed with Normanton Park construction thanks to the no-sale licence. It is forbidden to sell any of its units off-plan, without the approval of the Controller of Housing (CoH).

All is now done. Since January 2021, Normanton Park is officially available for sale.

So, is Normanton Park condo a good buy? Is it worth taking a risk?

Let’s go over some details. I will then share my thoughts and personal review at the bottom of this post.

Normanton Park Project Details

Project NameNormanton Park
Address1 – 63 Normanton Park
DeveloperKingsford Huray Development Pte Ltd
ArchitectP&T Consultants Pte Ltd
Tenure99-year Leasehold
Site area684,523 sq ft
Total number of units1,862 (inclusive of 22 strata terrace houses)
Total number of carpark lots1,862 (inclusive 22 private parking lots for terrace houses & 3 lots for commercial shops)
Number of blocks9
Number of storey24-storey (9 blocks) and 2-storey (22 terrace houses)
Expected TOP dateJune 2023

Normanton Park Developer

Kingsford Development (Xin Feng Di Chan ) is the developer of Normanton Park condominium. This property arm of China-based Kingsford Group is Kingsford Group.

The Normanton Park launch is the third private residential development that Singapore has under its portfolio since 2011. Kingsford Development chairman, Mr Cui Zhengfeng

Kingsford Group, a subsidiary of Kingsford Garden, made its debut on the Shenyang real estate market in 2001.

It has also developed many commercial and residential projects in China over the past two decades.

Kingsford Development also developed Kingsford Waterbay, Kingsford Hillview Peak and Kingsford Garden.

Normanton Park Location

Normanton Park condo is located between Normanton Park enclave and Science Park Drive. This means that Normanton Park in Singapore is zoned under District 5.

It is located on a large site, right next to Kent Ridge Park’s undulating greens.

You will see that the map doesn’t show many high-rise buildings.

Normanton Park Condo Location
Normanton Park Location Map

Certain units in the condominium will have the opportunity to take in the scenic views from their homes.

On top of that, there are other things worthy to take note of for the location of this new launch condo at Normanton Park.

Greater Southern Waterfront

This is not a new concept. It’s been discussed and widely discussed for the past couple of years.

The Singapore government’s largest redevelopment project at the moment is the Greater Southern Waterfront.

Marina Bay is 6 times larger!The Greater Southern Waterfront project

This massive 2,000-hectare site has been envisioned to be the ‘Waterfront City of the Future’ by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Singapore.

What can we expect as a result? You can expect new skylines, an entertainment hub and themed attractions.

This is another popular attraction in Singapore. Living near Normanton Park will give you a better and more convenient access to this landmark.

To make things even more exciting, a new road will be constructed connecting Portsdown Road to South Buona Vista Road. Source: URA.

This means that it not only reduces travel time and distance but also gives Normanton Park residents convenient and direct access the Greater Southern Waterfront City.

This is why homebuyers also gravitate to nearby launch condos like Avenue South Residence or Kent Ridge Hill Residences.

In the heart of key business nodes

Normanton Park is strategically located in the heart of key business hubs in Singapore.

It is located close to 2 major business areas – the Central Business District (or Jurong Lake District).

It is also close to key business clusters like the International Business Park and Alexandra Business Cluster, Buona Vista Business Cluster, Buona Vista Business Cluster, Buona Vista Business Cluster, One-North Business Park.

This would be a huge plus for those who commute to these areas every day, or work there.

Normanton Park is a great investment option for those who work in these areas.

This is a large pool of potential tenants.

You can see the One-North Business Cluster, which is the most close among them all. It already houses more than a dozen multinational corporations (MNCs), local businesses, and public research institutions.

Razer, a globally-respected company, is opening a new Southeast Asia headquarters in the one-North Business cluster.

Razer plans new headquarters at one North near Normanton Park

Normanton Park reminds me a lot of The Interlace condo (which can be found not far from here). It is a popular place for expatriates to rent.

However, I will touch on rental demand later in this post with some numbers.

Nearby top universities

Parents who want to enroll their children in a well-respected primary school should not be concerned about Normanton Park condominium being within a 1-km radius.

Fairfield Methodist School (Primary), Queenstown Secondary School, and New Town Primary School are the only primary schools still within the 2-km area.

Schools such as the Singapore Polytechnic and the National University of Singapore are close by if you’re looking for tertiary institutions.

National University of Singapore and INSEAD near Normanton Park

You can’t forget INSEAD, one of the most prestigious and respected business schools in the world.

The Tanglin Trust School, which is only a 5-minute drive from the Tanglin School, is a great option for parents who want to send their children to international schools.

Normanton Park Condo Facilities

You can almost be certain that the area will offer a wide range of amenities for residents, with a total land area of over 600,00 square feet and 1,862 residential units.

Normanton Park is a full condominium project that offers more than 100 lifestyle amenities.

Normanton Park Condo Pool Facilities
Normanton Park Facilites Impression

You will find many water-based and aquatic facilities that can be used by individuals and families.

Water features in the project will create a tranquil and calming atmosphere for residents at night.

Normanton Park Condo Facilities in the day
Normanton Park Tall Towers Site Plan

The following site plan will give you a better idea of the available condo facilities.

Normanton Park Condo Site Plan with Facilities
Normanton Park More than 100 facilities

Normanton Park Floor Plan & Unit Types

Normanton Park is made up of 1,862 private residence units and 22 strata terrace homes. The unit types and the floor plans will be featured in another post. Do keep a lookout.

Normanton Park Showflat Location

The Normanton Park Showflat is right next to the actual development site. You will find directions to the showflat as you approach the condominium site.

According to the most recent update, the showflat is open for viewing daily from 11am to 7pm. The hours of operation may change.

Due to COVID-19, it is necessary to schedule a viewing appointment at the time this post was written.

If you’re interested in Normanton Park condos, please contact us at 61005566 or visit our website.

Normanton Park Price Guide

Below is a quick overview of the Normanton Park price indicator for each unit type. It is based on availability (as at 25 March 2002).

Type of unitSizeStarting PricingPSF Price
1-Bedroom517-657 sq ft$926,466$1,792
1-Bedroom + Study560 to 700 square feet$1,010,000,000$1,805
2-Bedroom Compact646 to 797 square feet$1,135,022$1,757
2-Bedroom Premium721 to 893 square feet$1,314,383$1,823
2-Bedroom + Study829 to 980 square feet$1,425,880$1,720
3-Bedroom Compact904 to 1,109 square feet$1,491,600$1,650
3-Bedroom Premium1,066 to 1,249 Sq Ft$1,822,860$1,710
4-Bedroom Compact + Study1,195 to 1,346 square feet$2,0799,000$1,740
4-Bedroom Premium1,313 to 1,496 Sq Ft$2,258,360$1,720
5-Bedroom1,615 to 1,798 square feet$2,777,000.800$1,720
Terrace House2,110 sq ft$3,160,000$1,498

However, these prices may change in the future.

For the most current information on each unit type and availability, please contact me.

Normanton Park Review

In an earlier post, I discussed the poor track record of Kingsford Development.

Based on my 10 years of experience in the trade, this was the first time that I saw a Singaporean developer get a no-sale permit for failing to meet construction (and safety) standards.

They were all over the news, and it was almost impossible to conceal them from potential homebuyers in Normanton Park.

Investors and homebuyers have additional assurances that they will get a high-quality home.

All units must pass the Quality Mark assessment by BCA

Normanton Park’s sale license has a condition that requires all units to pass the Quality Mark assessment of the Build Control Authority (BCA). This is different from other condo launches.

You can refer to the BCA’s website for more information on its Quality Mark assessment.

Developers don’t have to undergo the Quality Mark assessment. It is a voluntary program, so it shouldn’t be compulsory. It is mandatory for Kingsford Huray’s Normanton Park condo.

Investors and homebuyers will have peace of mind buying Normanton Park property as they know that all units are being closely monitored and evaluated by the authority.

There is nothing to be concerned about quality, despite this developer’s poor track record.

Even if Normanton Park is as bad as the previous 2 projects, Kingsford Waterbay or Kingsford Hillview Peak, does that mean you’re buying a bad property.

Strategic location with more to follow

The location is an important factor in deciding whether to purchase a property.

If you take a look at Normanton Park’s current location, there isn’t much to be excited about.

No MRT, no malls nearby, no good schools, etc.

If you look at the URA Master Plan 2019 from a wider perspective, you’ll see its immense potential.

It’s easy for the government, being in the middle of the two largest business districts in Singapore, and in close proximity to key business clusters to plan for more homes.

Normanton Park Portsdown Avenue Master Plan

Portsdown Avenue will see more residential developments. It is located just across the Ayer Rajah Expressway from Normanton Park condo.

If more homes are made available for sale by government agencies, this would indicate that there is a demand for housing in the region. This is often the catalyst that causes home values and prices to rise.

Normanton Park has a lot of data that I need to analyze and I don’t want to overload the site with all these numbers and stats.

Reach out to me if you’re interested in learning more. I’m happy to share my analysis.

Low quality homes equal no value

Let’s not forget about the fact that Kingsford Development has a poor track record.

It is important to ask if it has any value.

Logistically, one would assume that property of poor quality is not worth investing in or buying. It will affect its value.

Here are some transactions at Kingsford Waterbay condos and Kingsford Hillview Peak condos.

Kingsford Hillview Peak Condo Transaction Trend
Kingsford Waterbay Condo Transaction Trend

You can see that the quality does not seem to impact buying interest, even from homebuyers/investors that actually saw the finished product.

Other factors will ultimately determine the property’s value.

The Final Word

Normanton Park is a wonderful place to be. If you visit the site, you’ll see why it is so famous. It is hard for passersby to miss it or not give it a second look.

The whole development is stunning and I have nothing to complain about, except the inconvenience.

Normanton Park condo is a great option for those who are familiar with the area and can travel by car most days. Its price (on average $1,750 to $1.850 PSF), its added ‘confidence’ from BCA and its future upside make it a worthwhile investment.

Many people would believe that my words are less credible because the real estate agency to which I am attached is marketing the property.

But, I have always tried to see a condo from the consumer’s perspective and evaluate it objectively based on facts.

Normanton Park has a lot of data that I need to analyze and I don’t want to overload the site with all these numbers and stats. It’s extensive, especially in price comparison.