Many homebuyers have been anticipating AMO Residence since it was first taken by UOL Group, Kheng Leong and Singapore Land Group against 14 other bidders in the May 2021. It could be a reference on the location of the property in Ang Mo Kio for Singaporeans. Spanish has the same meaning that is “love”. AMO Residences is an excellent choice for young couples as well as investors, since the developers hope they’ll love it.

In this article, we will cover the the main highlights why AMO Residence will appeal to young couples and families.

Within 1km to top primary schools, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School, Ai Tong Primary School and Ang Mo Kio Primary School

Taken from AMO Residence website:

Young parents will always first research on primary schools in the area.  According to the Compulsory Education Act, parents must send their children to primary schools once they reach six . Entry is determined by the country of origin (Singaporean Citizens), and the distance between residence (within 1km, then 1-2km). Priority would be given to a Singaporean citizen whose child lives within 1km of the school. This process is familiar to parents who have been through it before. You can find more information on the MOE website if you’re planning to have children soon or if your child is younger than six years old.

As for AMO Residence location, it is blessed with three primary schools within 1km. CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School and Ai Tong School are within 1km of AMO Residence. It is a not a secret in Singapore that, while all schools are excellent schools, there are some schools that are more well-known than others. There are many schools close to AMO Residence that parents may want to send their children. AMO Residence is also located within a radius of 1-2 km from Catholic High School, Anderson Primary School and Teck Ghee Primary School. Mayflower Primary School is also nearby. Jing Shan Primary School is just a short distance away.

These options are numerous and parents who work would find it much easier to walk to these schools. A school close to your home can take the pressure off of you and reduce your anxiety. You will also be able to spend less time traveling to and from school during rush hour. Parents often think of their child’s education as the most important thing.

Family Friendly Amenities Nearby

Taken from AMO Residence website:

Recent years have shown that Ang Mo Kio is one of the popular mature estates among young families as the town is well developed with facilitiyes. With that said, there are plenty of facilities nearby for families in the vicinity of AMO Residence.

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is the most prominent park nearby AMO Residence, where young families can relax.

One of the most popular parks in Singapore, is also popular spot for young families to enjoy recreational activities. It was once a concrete canal. Now it’s a park with 62 hectares and a beautiful 3.2km river, designed by internationally known Ramboll Studio Dreseitl

Parents have the option to take morning and evening walks in the park with their kids or walk their dogs. The park offers many other activities for children, such as the Butterfly Habitat which houses more than 30 species butterflies. They can also play in the Nature Playgarden.

They can also bring their kids to the Therapeutic Garden @ Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. They will be able to connect with the natural world through a variety of plants. The Allotment Garden is another option. Anyone who wants to grow or garden their own plants can now get their own 2.5 m x 1 m space.

How can a couple afford to buy a home at AMO Residence?

A big floor plans are very much needed for families with kids especially. We will not be surprised that the bigger layouts such as the 3-Bedder+Study, 4-Bedder and 5-Bedder will be sold out fast.

AMO Residence specific features has appealed to a wide audience, and the prime location itself will see a high price its units there. We did not discuss about the unblocked views, which contributes to the high value of the development as well.

For example, a 3-Bedder+Study layout may cost between $1.8 mil to $2.1mil. Buying a $2 mil property will mean that buyers need to fork out a min downpayment of $500,000. The remaining balance will be financed by loan of $1.5 mil. The mortgage plus the maintenance fee monthly may end up to $7,000. Conservatively, buyers will need an income of $20,000 combined to purchase a unit in AMO Residence.


AMO Residence has all the facilities and located in a prime location. It is no surprise that it comes with a high price, but we are sure there are people who willing to pay for it.